Whether you require 100LL or Jet-A (with Prist), we ensure that you will have access to the highest quality fuel products. We offer both self-serve and full-service options for 100LL customers and Prist positive Jet-A to meet our customers’ needs. All of our fuel is provided by the trusted brand Avfuel and undergoes rigorous daily quality testing.

Current Fuel Prices

100LL FS$4.68
100LL SS$4.43

AVTRIP Membership

Register for AVTRIP® to earn points when you refuel at Clarksville Regional or any of Avfuel’s other FBO network. As a registered participant:

  • Earn two (2) AVTRIP® points per gallon or 1 point for every 2 liters each time you refuel at one of over 500 participating FBOs, including Clarksville Regional Airport.
  • Avfuel accelerates the points in your account by giving you FREE points plus opportunities for special points – the more you refuel.
  • For every 5,000 AVTRIP Points accumulated, members receive a $25 cash award. Awards are issued automatically – there’s no complicated redemption process.