Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clarksville Regional offer commercial flights?
At this time we do not offer commercial flights to the public. We service privately owned and operated aircraft, support military operations and independent charters. However, anyone seeking a flight out of the airport may secure a charter through our website.

Who handles air traffic control for the airport?
Clarksville Regional Airport is a Class D airspace with pilot controlled traffic patterns. Our approach control is handled by Fort Campbell air traffic control, with which contact is required for all approaches and departures. Clarksville Regional shares an excellent working relationship with Fort Campbell whose air traffic control has a reputation for being courteous and helpful.

Can I plan an event or rent a space at CRA?
Clarksville Regional offers various spaces for private events. We have a business meeting room which seats 10 and an event room that seats 100 people. See our Event Space page for pricing and booking information.

Can I learn how to fly at Clarksville Regional?
Flight training is offered at Clarksville Regional through Volunteer Aviation. Visit the Flight School page for more information.

Can I set up ground transportation and lodging through Clarksville Regional?
When you submit an Arrival Needs Notification, our staff can make rental car and hotel recommendations and reservations for your arrival. Airport staff cannot guarantee pricing or make advanced payments. To find more information on Ground Transportation providers, click here.

What if I need aircrew or event catering?
For aircrews, a staff member can make catering recommendations. With advanced notice, our staff can order and pick up your meals and have them waiting for your arrival. A 15 percent convenience fee will be added for this service. All event catering must be handled by the renter, with the exception of coffee and ice. However, we will be happy to provide catering recommendations. If you plan to offer alcoholic drinks, drinks MUST be served by licensed bartenders.

What are your fuel prices?
Up-to-date Jet A and 100LL prices can be found on our Fuel page.

What are the airport hours of operation?
Our facility and staff are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The airport is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day. After hours, services are available with a $40 service fee. Use of the runway, taxiways and self-serve 100LL fueling is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

I am a local flier, can I base at Clarksville Regional?
Absolutely! For hangar information, please see our Hangaring page. We also offer long term tie-down space for $50 per month.

What do you recommend visitors should see and do while in Clarksville?
For a list of the many locally-owned-and-operated restaurants that we recommend, along with local attractions, please see the Visit Clarksville page.

Can I visit Fort Campbell while I am in town, even if I am not affiliated with the military?
Definitely! Just present a valid and current drivers license, insurance and registration at the welcome center located inside Gate 4. You will be provided a gate pass to enter Fort Campbell, access the golf course and lodging. For more information, visit the Fort Campbell website.

What sort of industry does Clarksville support?
Retail and healthcare are the two largest employment industries in Clarksville-Montgomery County, making up nearly 29% of the workforce. The largest single employer in Clarksville is Fort Campbell, followed by the largest private employers Trane and Convergys Corporation. Other major industrial employers are Jostens, printing and publishing; SPX Corporation, metal forging; Vulcan, rubber division and Budweiser.

Where can I find more information about Clarksville, Montgomery County?
For a complete guide of Clarksville businesses, attractions, parks and municipal services, visit the City of Clarksville webpage via the link found on our Community Links page.